Who is Lacey Starr?

I'm Lacey Starr, a 59 year old granny living just outside London, England. I'm also a qualified therapist and former teacher. I enjoy baking and crafts, swimming and cycling... .

Oh, and five years ago I decided to quit my teaching job and become a porn actress.

You see, one sunny July afternoon in 2013, I stepped out into the garden of an adult producer I'd never met before and had sex with a complete stranger, or "stud" as he turned out to be. I'd never felt so liberated and daring and having enjoyed several hard orgasms on his fat cock, I knew I was hooked on this particular career path.

I realised quickly that I'd made a wise move. I mean, I'm naturally bisexual, have long been a fan of interracial pleasure and I simply adore group sexual encounters. This new-found career enabled me to enjoy daily sex with girls and guys, including some of the finest pussy and black dick I've ever encountered. I've had so many amazing experiences, including gangbangs and bukkakes, and quite often in front of a camera.

Since 2013, I've appeared in over 500 hardcore porn films, started my own production company, and released 30 DVDs. I also produced and starred in 4 series on Television X, the UK's premier adult entertainment channel.

In my relatively short time in this crazy business, I've been lucky enough to win 4 major adult industry awards and received dozens of nominations, including three nominations at the 2018 AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

I know this isn't how you're supposed to behave as you head towards retirement, but I'm having so much fun, retirement can fucking wait.

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