DVD: Granny Extreme Volume #04

DVD Front Cover: Granny Extreme Volume #04

DVD Info:

  • ranny Lacey is interviewing her new P.A. Amyka Lee, you just know you're in for a rigorous practical test, exploring each others bodies and limits. Lola Marie is having boyfriend troubles and needs to vent her frustrations, though it's her sexual frustrations that Lacey is more interested in and the full-on lesbian action starts. Granny has two great passions, teaching and baking, but when young tease Alessa Savage comes over for a baking lesson, Granny's passions, lesbian sex with hot young sluts are the main course. Then as a special bonus, Lacey Starr (UKAP GILF of the year 2015) and Ella Hughes (UKAP Newcomer of the Year 2015) come together in a red hot little scene in which a fiery and dominant Lacey, takes control of the sweet, sexy little starlet. A short, but very naughty treat for those who like their Lesbian porn with a bit of kink thrown in.

DVD Scenes

Three Times a Lesbian

Duration: 40 min • Photos: 35

Description: When her sexy, young, black friend Lola comes to chat, talk turns to her recent sexual frustration. Well curing that is Lacey's specialty and it's not long before the girls are at each other in the kitchen, swimming pool and bedroom.


Boudoir Domination!

Duration: 10 min • Photos: 37

Description: A scene with a strong fetish twist sees Lacey dominating sexy young Ella on a crimson clad brass bed. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife as seductress Lacey takes Ella with a slow-burning, forceful passion. An electric scene!


Lesbian Cookery Class

Duration: 31 min • Photos: 14

Description: Young and old lesbians getting it on during a baking lesson as Lacey teaches Alessa how to make a cake. Ingredients and juices fly as the ladies get a bit carried away. Home baking will never seem the same again.

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